Who enforces pesticide laws?

    Unfortunately the police won't!

   When the young man turned on the sprayer after being notified of the label violation, it became a wilful, criminal matter, so I called the police.  Horry County Police Department Officers B. Steve Kyzer and J. E. Bateman responded.

    They were angry with me for reporting the violation. They refused to acknowledge the crime, refused to stop the perpetrator. They prevented me from gathering any further evidence, and threatened me, if I did so again. Then they cited me for a cracked windshield and not having my registration with me.

    I have been victimized hundreds of times by these violations, yet I was the one that was cited -- for a minor civil matter, while they let a crime go on unhindered.

    Now I know how rape victims feel!   This will not look good on their record......

    My reason for involving the police was to stop the criminal action. That didn't work. Routine enforcement is done by the Clemson Department of Pesticide Regulation. Unfortunately, by the time they finish their investigation, and make a citation, the damage will be done;  the spray program will be over; most likely we will be in winter. The matter has been turned over to them for investigation.


  Do the regulators have the will to prosecute this crime?
We shall see.



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