What is the First Rule of ANY Pesticide Use?

Read and Follow Label Directions!

violator.jpg (69535 bytes) "It is a violation of Federal Laws to use this product in a manner inconsistant with its labeling."

---From the label directions

   This young man (whose face we will not show, until he is officially cited -- and that could take months) had not read the label, and did not know there were any directions about bees on the label.

   After he was told what the malathion label says; prohibiting application while bees are foraging in the application area, and he was told that bees were present on the roadside flowers, he continued to spray.

    A violation of the label directions is a civil offense. A wilful violation is a crime.

Who enforces pesticide laws?


Caught in the Act!     1. Caught in the Act!   2. What does a pesticide violation look like?  3. Are there blossoms?  4. Are there bees on the blossoms?  5. What is the first rule of pesticide use?  6. Who enforces pesticide laws?   7. Do the regulators have the will to enforce against this crime?  8. What about the mosquito threat?  9. How to comply?  10. How does one set up a monitor?  11. Condoned Evasion Scheme!  12. Hey, not all applications are wrong!      13. Contacts for comment or information        Home

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