What About the Mosquito Threat?

    Don't misquote me. I'm not against spraying for mosquitoes. They are bad right now!  I'm not against pesticides, either. But I insist that applications be legal and proper use, not MISuse.   Misuse adds more environmental damage to that which has already happened.

   A lot of us are skeptical about the effectiveness of the applications. After application, the mosquitoes are still fierce. But that is another issue. Unfortunately bees tend to be more susceptible than mosquitoes.

   If the powers that be have determined that applications must be made, then do it legally!

   Our public officials seem to think they are above the law. They have many excuses for violating it. They say they do not have enough time, or enough budget. That is not a justification for illegal actions.

How can applicators comply with the bee-protection label directions?


Caught in the Act!     1. Caught in the Act!   2. What does a pesticide violation look like?  3. Are there blossoms?  4. Are there bees on the blossoms?  5. What is the first rule of pesticide use?  6. Who enforces pesticide laws?   7. Do the regulators have the will to enforce against this crime?  8. What about the mosquito threat?  9. How to comply?  10. How does one set up a monitor?  11. Condoned Evasion Scheme!  12. Hey, not all applications are wrong!     13. Contacts for comment or information         Home

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