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(2-8-00)  Clemson Pesticide Officials now admit that the application portrayed here was in violation. The question is: "Will they take any significant enforcement action?"

You saw it here first!

Rampant Pesticide Misuse

in the Wake of Hurricane Floyd,
is Compounding the Environmental Damage!


Caught in the Act, in Horry County, SC:

offseal.JPG (199288 bytes) -- An Illegal Application by Public Officials, October 3,1999.

     Fruit and vegetable growers and gardeners are realizing that our pollinator populations are in real bad shape. In 30 years, we've lost half our domestic honeybees, 85-90% of our wild honeybees, and many of our other wild bees, such as bumblebees, leafcutter bees and other solitary bees. Butterfly populations are also being reduced. Much of this is from pesticide misuse. 

If we continue to lose our pollinators we will see famine in America!

Proper (and legal) pesticide use causes little loss of pollinators; the applications that do damage are illegal!

What does a pesticide violation look like?

Request for Emergency Help from Enforcement and Extension Officials

Part II,  10-10-99: Bees, Beekeepers Clobbered, Barren Spring Predicted!

Caught in the Act!   1. Caught in the Act!   2. What does a pesticide violation look like?  3. Are there blossoms?  4. Are there bees on the blossoms?  5. What is the first rule of pesticide use?  6. Who enforces pesticide laws?   7. Do the regulators have the will to enforce against this crime?  8. What about the mosquito threat?  9. How to comply?  10. How does one set up a monitor?  11. Condoned Evasion Scheme!  12. Hey, not all applications are wrong!       13. Contacts for comment or information     Home

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Part III:  More on Pesticide Misuse

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