Hey, not all applications are wrong!

    We are pleased to see some applications that are made legally.

legal1.bmp (921654 bytes) An Horry County applicator who is complying with the bee protection directions. He is applying malathion after all bee foraging has stopped for the day.


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Caught in the Act!     1. Caught in the Act!   2. What does a pesticide violation look like?  3. Are there blossoms?  4. Are there bees on the blossoms?  5. What is the first rule of pesticide use?  6. Who enforces pesticide laws?   7. Do the regulators have the will to enforce against this crime?  8. What about the mosquito threat?  9. How to comply?  10. How does one set up a monitor?  11. Condoned Evasion Scheme!  12. Hey, not all applications are wrong!     13. Contacts for comment or information         Home

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