Relevant Contacts
for comment or further information

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticide section
(still looking for an address to send comments)

Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation, 511 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton, SC 29670    Phone (864) 646-2150 Fax (864) 646-2179
Dr. Von H. McCaskill, Department Head  Dept. of Pesticide Regulation  (864)646-2150 Pendleton, S.C.  (Ultimate responsibility for enforcement)

Barry Kostyk, Box 1005, 1949 Industrial Park, Conway, S.C. 29526    (843) 365-7341
(DPR Pesticide enforcement officer who is handling this case)

Joe Clardy, Director, Horry County Animal & Insect Control, Hwy 90, Conway, SC 29526     843-347-3898  (The boss of the perpetrator of this violation; may have been the one who told him to continue)

Dr. Mike Hood, SC Apicultural Specialist, 305 Long Hall, Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634     864-656-0346  (Should be sticking up for bees and beekeepers, against all violations)

B. Steve Kyzer and J. E. Bateman, Horry County Police Department, Patrol Services Division, 2560 Main St. Suite 7, Conway, SC  29526     843-248-1521,  843-626-1521   (police officers who let a crime continue, and cited the victim)

Caught in the Act!     1. Caught in the Act!   2. What does a pesticide violation look like?  3. Are there blossoms?  4. Are there bees on the blossoms?  5. What is the first rule of pesticide use?  6. Who enforces pesticide laws?   7. Do the regulators have the will to enforce against this crime?  8. What about the mosquito threat?  9. How to comply?  10. How does one set up a monitor?  11. Condoned Evasion Scheme!  12. Hey, not all applications are wrong!     13. Contacts for comment or information         Home

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