I, the webmaster of this page, am a retired commercial beekeeper, who specialized for many years in crop pollination service. I have sold my business and kept just enough bees to play with. Now I am a writer and photographer. Having worked for years with one insect, that has many complex interactions with other life forms, I am also fascinated by other insects, many of which take a bad rap from people who don't know better.

   After many years of adventure in agriculture, I am thoroughly enjoying broadening my horizons, and look forward to many more adventures before my term on earth has ended. This web page is an outgrowth of years of experience plus a lot of new learning.

   There are fears too, as I notice the effects of aging, but my hand is in my Father's hand.

   God has given me a precious gift of a lovely wife, who is supportive of what I do. She does her own things some of the time, but we often join in working on this or that project. I want to express my apprecation and deep love for Janice, and admit to the world that many of the best things I do are inspired by her.

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